Food Manufacturers and Processors

We have been publishing data on the UK Food Industry for over 10 years.

The information is continuously updated and supplied individually for each order from the latest data.

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Data is supplied via download link in Excel format also including the directory in .pdf format - we will send the link to you by email usually within 2-3 working hours (within 12 hours outside working hours). The CD will follow by post.  Please contact us if you require different formats.




£290 + VAT - Includes database in Excel format plus Directory in .pdf format. Option to add 1979 contact names for only £50.

Over 2050 entries showing:

A comprehensive database of leading UK Food Manufacturers & Processors with email addresses and the option of adding contact names.

The database is supplied both in Excel and .pdf book format (other formats available on request) and provides opportunities to carry out email campaigns and print-merged letters and labels. You can select target areas geographically or by type of product manufactured.

Data is constantly updated and produced individually for each order from the latest information on our computers.

Directory & Database



BP - Bakery Products (398)

CH - Chilled Foods/Prepared meals (117)

CN  - Canned Foods (6)

CO - Confectionery (94)

CR - Cereals/Pulses (45)

DP - Dairy Products (189)

ED - Edible Oils (24)

FC - Flavourings/Colourings/Ingredients (98)

FF - Frozen Foods (78)

FP - Fish Products (114)

FV - Fruit/Vegetables (87)

GF - General Foods (13)

Current Total as at 12/03/2018 - 2051 entries coded as follows:

HF - Health Foods (33)

MA - Malt Products (20)

ML - Milling (36)

MP - Meat Products (288)

PL - Poultry Products (65)

PR - Preserves (45)

SD - Soft Drinks/Mineral Water (84)

SG - Sugar (21)

SN - Snack Foods (57)

SS - Seasonings/Sauces/Soups (82)

TC - Tea/Coffee/Beverages (46)

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